chasingvegasmusic (more info)
  • Label: Destiny Collective
  • Label Type: indie
  • About:
    Chasing Vegas is composed of vocalist Matt Reams, guitarist Peter VanLuenen, and bassist Justin Cecil. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, this pop punk band jumpstarted their career touring the United States on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. They have spent the past year writing and recording their debut album (What Happens Here Stays Here) with producer Brandon Metcalf (The Classic Crime, The Scene Aesthetic, He Is We, etc.) After spending the last year developing their straight forward pop punk sound, the band plans on making a name for themselves by working hard and always moving forward. Their debut album “What Happens Here Stays Here” released November 6, 2012.
  • Members:
    Justin - Bass
    Matt - Lead Vocals
    Peter - Guitar
  • Sounds Like: All time low, mayday parade, cartel, we the kings, the almost,
  • Member Since: 2013-01-05

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